How to Grow Your Instagram

Everyone asks me how to grow their Instagram following. I get the question from clients, friends and just about anyone that knows that I offer Instagram staretgy + management as a service...

"How do I get to 10K followers?" 

"How to I sell my products to my Instagram followers?"

These questions always get the same response from me...


Think about this...Instagram is a FREE tool that we are able to use. It's a social media platform that was built for consumers to share their creative perspective on everyday life with a click of button. The point of Instagram is to connect, inspire and share your story. So, instead of asking HOW you can hit that goal or make tons of sales, let's go back to why.

Your Instagram account is a reflection of your brand. Whether you run a business, are a freelancer, work a 9-to-5 or are launching a new product, you have to switch your mindset of why you are on Instagram.

If Instagram is a reflection of your brand. What will your story be? How will you share your brand's personality? How will you connect, engage and inspire your audience? And most importantly, how will you build a loyal community?

Take a second and realllllly think about those questions. Better yet, take a second a write down the answers to these questions. The secret beyond growth is within them.

If you want to take your Instagram strategy to the next level, let's chat. But you have to know your 'WHY' first.

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