Brand Launch | strategy & Style 

want to see your brand vision come to life?

Join us inside the studio for a one-on-one strategic plan to build, launch and grow your brand. If you have the dream or vision, but don't know how to make your business a reality - we are here to make it happen! With the perfect mix of strategy & style, we will create a brand for you including everything you need from the design elements to website and marketing. 

 With both digital video sessions and in-person meetings available, we're here to create your brand. Each session includes a customized plan of action, design, brand strategy, social media launch plan + marketing training.




Startegy & Style launch Plan includes:


02.brand Design (logo + web)

03. conent creation (photos + video)

03.Marketing + social media strategy 

04. Launch strategy + promotions

Ready to get started? Contact KES for a complimentary 15-minute introductory call to learn about the Brand Strategy + Launch package to see if it is right for you!